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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranties Help You Avoid Costly Auto Repairs

AAA researched that the average car repair bill is between $500 and $600, that is nothing to sneeze at. Especially since the need for auto repair is something that happens when we least expect it. Driving a car on some unforgiving roads in NYC and Queens, NY will eventually take its toll on even the best automotive craftsmanship. At Hillside Auto Outlet in Jamaica, NY, we offer the best possible protection for your asset with deductibles as low as $0. If your deductible is $0, that means you don’t have to come out of pocket for any portion of the warrant-able repair!

Financing companies typically allow you to include an extended warranty in your financing because they want to protect their interest in your vehicle as much as you do, and for a few extra dollars per month, there is no reason not to add that protection for your peace of mind. The roadside assistance that is offered with our extended warranties, will keep you and your passengers safe 24/7. Click here to apply for financing without affecting your credit score.

Check out our wide selection of pre-owned vehicles in Jamaica, NY. View our inventory here, and be sure to talk to our business manager about extending your warranty. After COVID-19 most of your car buying legwork will be performed online, so select the vehicle and extended warranty that is right for you.

Before we start delineating the features of the automotive extended warranty and its significance, let us familiarize you with the scope of the phrase. As you might know that just like all the other things, automobiles too come with a standard factory warranty. Throughout this term, the company assures that if the car witnesses any issue that is sourced from a mechanical malfunction or manufacturing fault then, the repairs would be borne by the automaker itself. However, this coverage is only guaranteed for a limited period of time after which, anything that happens with the vehicle will have to be resolved by the owner.

Speaking from the standpoint of experience, repairing a defect in your car that has stemmed from any of the above-mentioned shortcomings will not only be extremely complicated but, is also less likely to go easy on your pockets. This is when the role of a company certified to extend the warranties of an automobile comes into play. Nevertheless, the Vehicle Protection Association regards automotive extended warranties as a contract or vehicle protection plan.

Naturally, in order to enroll your car under the label of an extended warranty, it must be incorporated into its manufacturer and that too, at the time of purchase.

Why are they important?

Even though the truth that the choice of investing in an extended warranty is largely influenced by the ownership plan of the procurer cannot be steered away from, we are of the opinion that obtaining one in the present day should be qualified as an imperative. There are essentially two reasons supporting this assertion. Firstly, if you are looking forward to keeping the car with yourself forever then the extended warranty would surely make the odds turn in your favor by protecting its value and integrity. And secondly, even if you are planning to sell off the vehicle after it surpasses the standard warranty period, the extended warranty will inevitably assist you in magnetizing more buyers and reasonably surging your base price.

We are not overlooking the verity that the latest equipment and technologies used in cars today reduce their vulnerability to unforeseen glitches and breakdowns but, with anything mechanical, taking a chance is not worthy.

What does it cover?

If you were wondering what distinguishes automotive extended warranties from insurances then here’s your answer. Most manufacturers offer plans in which the errors of the engine are covered along with some electrical damages. Besides, the labor costs for fixing the failures are also taken care of; meaning if there’s a serious fault that would call for an elaborate procedure of repair and replacement then, the whole thing would be done for free. Some companies allow third-party schemes as well where the warranty is issued by reliable and credible insurers to spare the owner from the extra work.

If you have an option, we would recommend you get the automotive extended warranty put out by one such company that is not the manufacturer. By doing this, you will have the freedom to opt for the most beneficial protection plan and a confirmation that you are being served by nothing but, the best!

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