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How to Buy a Car Online in 2020
Buying a car online is easy at Hillside Auto Outlet in Jamaica, NY. We offer the lowest interest rates available and a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles. Avoid paying ridiculous franchised dealer fees by working with an independent dealer like Hillside Auto Outlet. In just a few easy steps, anybody in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area can drive a car home today!

Steps to Buying a Car Online in Queens, New York. Get Started here.

Used cars for sale in Jamaica | Hillside Auto Outlet. Jamaica New York 1. Choose a vehicle from our inventory. If you would prefer to see what vehicles you qualify for first, skip to number 2. Get pre-approved 2.Get pre-approved online without affecting your credit score. This soft pull does not create an inquiry on your report! Schedule a testdrive at Hillside Auto Outlet 3.Test Drive your sanitized vehicle and sign your paperwork at home or at our safe location with one of our dedicated professionals (while practicing social distancing).

The Best Advice You Can Get on Buying a Car Online Right Now

At Hillside Auto Outlet we have been accustomed to selling used cars remotely and shipping them or delivering them to our customers for decades. This is nothing new to us, so you can rest assured that your purchase will go without a hitch.

The great state of New York has an abundance of consumer protection measures in place, such as a standard Documentary Fee of $75, so consumers can feel confident that they are not being taken advantage of, unlike in many other states that do not regulate certain fees. Buying from a dealership like Hillside Auto Outlet that has been around for so long gives you comfort in knowing that we follow the rules 100% of the time when conducting business.

In literally a few simple steps, you can buy a car online and drive it home the same day. The best advice we can give you is to do your research before you buy, and go with your gut.

Finally, whether you purchase a car online or in-person, protecting your investment with an extended warranty is critical to having peace of mind. View our warranty information here.

To recap: know the state you are shopping in, do your research, trust your gut, get an extended warranty for peace of mind.

Buying a car online in 2020 gives you power. The future is at your fingertips. Happy and safe driving!

What Our Buyers Say

I decided NOT to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle or CPO, because Hillside Auto Outlet showed me that I could save thousands of dollars by getting an extended warranty that actually covered even more than the certified car! I love my Benz!”

-Mitchell M.

“Hillside Auto Outlet has actually been selling cars online for years. They make the process so safe and easy. I was so scared to buy a car during a pandemic in general, but this experience went smoothly. The best part about it is that I didn't have to miss out on work or family time. And now I have more confidence to get back out there in my new-to-me car!”

-Jane B.

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